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18 August 17

The fundamentals of an open kitchen…

The open kitchen is quickly becoming not just a luxury but a necessity in catering […]

The open kitchen is quickly becoming not just a luxury but a necessity in catering facilities, as more and more restaurants seek to deliver an attractive environment for their guests.

GastroNorth are highly experienced in delivering well-designed and installed open kitchen areas, and are confident in offering this in-demand theatre-style kitchen to those who desire it.

When it comes to the design of open kitchens, our talented team at GastroNorth know that there is much to consider, such as the aesthetics and the functionality of the space.

It’s vital to take into account what the customers will embrace from the open kitchen, such as noise pollution, and what equipment and cooking methods are on display – it needs to be the right amount to deliver the ‘wow factor’, many cooking methods are not appealing and wouldn’t offer a good show for guests.

Space is often limited in open kitchens, so operators need to get the most out of what room they have by utilising multi-functional products. Equipment such as combination ovens or vario cooking centres allow chefs to switch cooking methods whilst remaining on one product, and also save on energy, cleaning and staff training.

Suited equipment and bespoke cooking blocks are incredibly popular as they are aesthetically pleasing when on display in an open kitchen. Stand alone units are not a good choice as the design and look of the kitchen needs to be flush, created with performance in mind.

Evaluating the preparation, production and service areas is necessary for open kitchens, as this will ensure that the whole process is pleasing to the eye, but also functional for the chef and kitchen staff.

This could be making a compromise on the how much is on display in the open kitchen, for example, the dishes would be created back-of-house and then finished off front-of-house in the open kitchen, on display for guests.

Every kitchen operation is different, so it’s essential that operators speak to professionals, like our team at GastroNorth, who have experience creating open kitchens for numerous establishments – from multisite operations to Michelin star restaurants.

To find out more about GastroNorth and how they can help you create the perfect open kitchen, give the team a call on 0191 4142882 or email gastronorth@upnorthgroup.com.

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