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29 August 18

What’s new in the Gastrolab…

GastroNorth regularly have new equipment joining our GastroLab, and we’d like to introduce you to […]

GastroNorth regularly have new equipment joining our GastroLab, and we’d like to introduce you to our latest innovation, the Evereo by Unox!

The Evereo is a technological cooker that has a precise temperature control system. Using its Service Temperature Food Preserver, it can also preserve food using patented technology designed to deliver flexibility when in use.

It works by cooking and preserving food safely at two set temperatures; 63 degrees celsius for vegetables, fish, soups and sauces, and 70 degrees celsius for ready meals and protein meat dishes, both above the danger zone for bacterial growth.

The product can be used for preserving food for up to seven days, holding food for up to eight hours and vacuum packing ready meals for up to one month.

With the Evereo, there is no need for traditional blast chilling, cold storage and regenerating, meaning the user can cook and hold food without having to do anything else.

Food can then be served in just a matter of seconds during any time of the day, with zero waiting time for customers.

An appliance that will significantly change the way that chefs cook by delivering the quality of slow food with the speed of fast food, the Evereo has been described as a ‘game-changer’ by many chefs and foodservice professionals.

Richard Toye, commented : “We are delighted to welcome Evereo to our product portfolio, we really feel that this will benefit many of our existing and new clients. The importance of flexibility of commercial catering equipment is growing in importance and we’re delighted that we can now offer a high tech solution to many catering challenges in multiple sectors.”

Find out more about the Evereo by Unox, get in touch with GastroNorth at GastroNorth@upnorthgroup.com or call us on 0191 4142882.

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